Multi-Storey Car Parks
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Multi-Storey Car Parks: Expandables, Removables and Reusables

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ANROTECH is a structural system in steel for the execution of parking multi-storey which incorporates a high level of prefabrication in the factory which allows to improve security in the Assembly work, reducing the cost and time of execution.


Removable multi-storey car parks AnroTech

One of main features of our system is its modularity, with possibility to be assembled and disassembled in a short period of time and without a trace of where it was located.

The ANROTECH system car park is a module consisting of columns and beams of hot dip galvanized steel that, given its standardized character, allows us create parking spaces adapted to the availability of land. Also, this configuration allows us to expand in any direction, either horizontally or vertically, by appending ANROTECH modules to the existing ones.

Currently, in projects of metal structures, unions make a critical and essential point at the erection phase. However, ANRO has developed a new type of connection, patented internationally, which allows making assemblies in a quick, effective and safe way.        


 Advantages over the rest of removable car parks in the market:

ANRO, in the design of ANROTECH car parks, has chosen a space distribution that provide the parking the maximum comfort and ease of use.

Many studies show that users are increasingly favourable  towards car parks which have spacious areas that make easier the car park, and the same time, it prevents collisions with parts of the car park like columns or other vehicles.  

The ANROTECH dimensions, together with assembly processing, allows us creating a new concept of car park with features that become advantages:

  • Modular system: one standardized module that makes easier the production and the final assembly.
  • Flexible: the configuration in modules allows us to adapt ANROTECH system to every type of lands. It can expand in any direction by annexing supplementary sections with the same features. In this way, it is possible that once it has been built a car park, it can expand laterally, or even, increasing the number of floors.
  • Removable: independently of size of car park which you want to install. If necessary, the configuration of ANROTECH allow us to dismantle it.
  • Economic: this system allow us to get car park’s large areas with a lower price than other traditional systems.


Steps for the execution:

With the experience of ANRO’s group in engineering’s sector and production of steel structures, we support our customers since they contact us until car park is completely set up.

Once we receive the information from our customers, we start our study. In this way, we proceed to the search the ideal solution according the customer needs.

When our proposal is approved, we proceed to production of the structure. Then start the assembly phase. We carry out the erection of the structure in a quick, effective and safe way, in just four simple phases.


Acquisition modalities of anrotech

To keep the flexibility that characterizes our system, we have designed different acquisition ways with the objective of adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients.

  • Platform rent. If the problem of car park is temporary, there is the possibility to rent platform for a time.
  • Platform purchase. If the necessities are permanents, we study the possibility of selling a platform according to specific requirements.
  • Lands rent and licenses. ANRO is in charge of studying the viability of setting up platforms in private or public lands that, currently, are disuse.


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