It is clear that the current situation in Ukraine and Russia is very delicate and of international concern. Since the beginning of the conflict between the two countries, there has been a clear difference of power between them, which has led the Ukrainian country to an extreme situation for more than nine months.

From this position, Industrias Metálicas Anro has given all its energy into sending help, however minimal it may be, to the Balkan area. Thus, Ábea (Asociación Benéfica de Empleados de Anro) was contacted by the City Council of Tomelloso to collaborate in sending humanitarian aid.


The aid consisted of non-perishable food products (rice, pasta, milk, canned goods, vegetables…), clothes of all sizes, and for all ages; blankets and insulating articles, toys and other basic necessities.


It was proposed to request a trailer that would take the products directly to the country. In this way, and after finishing the loading of all the articles, it was sent from Tomelloso to its destination, with an estimated arrival time of 5 days.


Finally, and after a week, all the collaborating entities were informed that the products arrived at their destination without any problem at Customs. We hope that all this help will lead to put an end to the conflict as soon as possible.