The technical department of Industrias Metálicas Anro collaborates with our customers side by side performing the calculation and design of the structures using the most advanced 3D programs.

Thus, you will learn the steps that our technical team executes in each of our projects:

1. The client provides us with the project plans

We consider that communication with the client is a fundamental basis during the entire production process, so their opinion is essential throughout the procedure.

Estrechón de manos

2. The technical team prepares the modeling of the plans.

By using the BIM technology required to integrate engineering with design, it enables us to make a virtual journey through the design of the structure, allowing our clients to visualize it before its execution, facilitating any changes in an efficient manner.

3. The model is verified with the client

It is checked to ensure that there are no parts that interfere with the rest of the structure. Subsequently, the 2D drawings of the structure are prepared for the start-up of production in the factory.

Render de aparcamiento en Santander

4. Creation of files for numerical control machines

Plano constructivo

We start the creation of the files for the numerical control machines that will be used for the cutting of each of the parts. The technological capacity, together with the capacity of the Industrias Metálicas Anro team, allows us to meet the needs of our customers with absolute guarantee.

5. The assembly, welding and painting of the parts is started.

The assembly of the pieces that will go together from the workshop begins. We have the necessary machinery to carry out the whole automated process of production of structures of any magnitude with the most advanced technology for the treatment, assembly and welding.

Soldador trabajando una pieza de acero