According to the Plimsoll analysis “Boilermaking (Spain, 2022)”, a study carried out every year to know the performance of the Boilermaking sector in order to develop possible growth strategies, has defined Industrias Metálicas Anro as the 4th organization with the highest growth rate in 2022.


Furthermore, the data establishes Anro as the 9th largest company in the boilermaking sector in Spain, as well as the 8th among the companies with the highest market value.


The study analyzed the 43 most relevant Spanish companies in the area, comparing their figures with the global average of the sector. Plimsoll, a data monitoring company established more than 30 years ago in the UK, has been operating in Spain since 2009 with the aim of providing relevant data on the evolution of the industry in our country, making annual reports about construction, steel industry, metallurgy…


In short, as a company that produces metal structures, we are pleased with the work we have prepared for 2022. We hope to maintain the same quality and trust that define our services, without ever losing sight of our roots.