This 2022, Anro Chile has carried out important projects, such as the new Post-Milling building at Cargill Coronel, or the improvement of the Orizon hazardous substances plant. Thus, by the end of this year, the goal is to complete our first project in ASMAR for the icebreaker Antártica 1, carrying out the piping assembly service and leak and tightness testing services of tanks and pipes of the vessel Antártica 1.

This vessel will be the first icebreaker vessel manufactured in the South Pacific. The ship is the result of a co-design between Vard Marine, the Directorate of Programs, Research and Development of the Navy and ASMAR, its construction began in 2018 and it is expected to be launched at sea in December this year.

With its dimensions that include a length of 111 meters, a beam of 21 meters and a draft of 7.2 meters, the Antártica 1 Ship will have an Ice Class PC5 classification, which will allow it to break a one-meter thick, one-year old ice sheet, covered with up to 20 centimeters of snow, being able to operate at a temperature of -30°C.

Estructura metálica de barco en construcción

The construction of the icebreaker is the most important and complex structural project developed in a South Pacific shipyard, playing a fundamental role in Antarctic connections.