In the year 2022, Anro Chile set the objective of improving its notoriety in the main industries of the south, center and north of Chile, looking for a near horizon in the fishing sector, food sector and mining sector, enhancing our image in the country.


On the other hand, another big aim this year was to cover the area of the eighth region, located in the center of the country, where the head quarter of ANRO Chile is located. The industry of the Biobío region is characterized by its professional diversity and business concentration, where we have made some key achievements for the organization, such as being one of the main suppliers of the multinational company EWOS CARGILL, or becoming strategic partners of the fishing company ORIZON.


The projects carried out during the 2022 exercise have been, among others, the main foundations for a new post-milling building in Cargill Coronel, or the improvement of dangerious substances warehouses of the Orizon plant and the infrastructure improvements of the site. We are currently working on the main construction stages of a new project for ORIZON in the Talcahuano district.

Fábrica construcción logística
Before the improvement of the warehouses of Orizon Plant
Construcción de estructura metálica de acero al carbono industrial
After the improvement of the warehouses of the Orizon Plant

In general, the objectives set for the 2022 fiscal year are being met as expected, auguring a promising end to the year for the affiliate, which year after year surpasses the expectations of the previous year.