The company of Tomelloso has intervened in the first line of North Africa.

The pieces, built in Tomelloso, have been assembled and assembled in the Algerian city of Ouargla.

The company of Tomelloso Industrias Metálicas Anro, has built the structure of a bridge of 40 meters in length and 130 tons of weight, destined to the new tram of the Algerian city of Ouargla, a project of about 230 million euros, in which Anro Has been contracted by UTE TramwayOuargla, formed by RoverAlcisa – Elecnor and Assignia, to build what will be the first tram line in North Africa.

The bridge built by Anro, type Bowstring, has a height of 8 meters, with board structure composed of two main beams with base of drawers of 1000×600 mm sheet steel S355K2 + N. Perpendicularly to these, profiles are arranged every 2.5 ml to support the cooperating sheet which acts as a formwork lost to the slab where the tram will circulate.

The structure has been complemented by two arches of some 45 meters of drawer development of 600×500 mm, which are connected to the main beams at the ends and by tensioners of Ø80 mm in each 5 ml.

The material for this new bridge built by Anro has been prepared at the company’s premises in Tomelloso, loading it into pieces of up to 12 meters in length to be transported in containers, and once arrived at the work in Algeria, where it was Assembled and welded, some of the material was made at ground level to later hoist it and the part of the arch was mounted on a frame that set the client of the project.

A city of 200,000 inhabitants

The Algerian town of Ouargla, with 200,000 inhabitants, is located 700 kilometers south of Algiers and this new tram, which is 12 kilometers long, will connect its old town with the university city and other villages populated by the route.

Industrias Metálicas Anro, a family-owned company created more than half a century ago in Tomelloso, has a long experience in the construction of bridges with metallic structure, both in Spain and in other countries and in recent years has participated in the construction of a bridge of 700 Meters in Alcoy (Alicante) and others in Cordoba, Cantabria, Navarra, Vigo (Pontevedra) and outside Spain in Panama, where he built two bridges for an important mining project.