Villar Mir group promotes the renovation of several buildings in the Centre of the capital.

Located in the Alcalá Street project, which has been entrusted to the prestigious LAMELA ARCHITECTS Studio, facing the rehabilitation of seven buildings in early 20TH century of great architectural and historical value. The project maintains the facades of existing buildings and integrates elements of the interior in the new construction.

The use to which the rehabilitated properties will be allocated will make this Madrid enclave to be revitalized. For this purpose the placing on the market of 75,000 m2 of surface distributed in 450 parking, dwellings, 15,000 m2 destined to a shopping center is planned and a five-star hotel luxury.

Anro has started the manufacture and Assembly of structures for the rehabilitation of several buildings in the center of Madrid for beams, pile caps and “ball room”. The structure has been calculated by the MC2 engineering of the TYPSA group.

The ambitious project of the company Canalejas Madrid Centre, led by grupo Villar Mir and built by OHL, will feature the participation of ANRO through the execution of steel structures for building Canalejas, up to a total amount of 1,500 tons.