Soon it will be the anniversary of the closing of the Barranco de la Bota’s bridge arch (Morella), a settlement considered one of the most spectacular viaducts in the country, and as a partner of this ambitious project, we cannot be more satisfied.

The viaduct is 60 meters high and 432 meters long, where the N-232 road currently passes. The main span over the cliff stands out in the structure, with a span of 102 m, which is bridged by a double pointed metal arch.


The project, designed by the engineering studio MC2, emphasizes the synergy between the steel arch structure, produced by Industrias Metálicas Anro, and the viaduct deck, fully integrating and resulting in this fascinating structure. The traffic was opened at the end of July 2022, allowing the social and economic dynamization of the province of Castellón, facilitating the mobility in the area. 

Estructura metálica de acero Puente
Closure of the arch of the Barranco de la Bota bridge

The complexity in closing this metallic structure lies in its layout, since the need to protect this area did not allow the installation of hoists. Therefore, it was decided to use a 140-meter long beam launcher that allowed the pieces to be placed in exactly the right spot. 


Thus, this architectural giant is positioned as the third longest viaduct in Spain, only surpassed by the Tragaparas and Montabliz viaducts in the north of the Peninsula.