Industrias Metálicas Anro has been in charge of the production of the steel structures of the Casal España Arena in Valencia for more than a year now. Several of the initial phases have already been completed, as is the case of phase 1.1, or the most recent phase 1.2 South.


The Casal España Arena de València is a multi-purpose space which, after its completion, will host sporting events, concerts and large-scale events in the city of Valencia. The area will have 47,000m2 of floor space and an estimated investment of 220 million euros.


Licampa 1617 is the company that Juan Roig created expressly for the construction of this project. In addition to promoting the construction of the Casal España Arena in Valencia, it will also promote other works in the same city, such as a public park or parking lots complementary to the main project. For its part, Anro produces and transports the pieces for the stands, as well as the roof of this amazing structure.


In conclusion, we are very proud to be able to collaborate and to contribute with our steel work to the construction of this project.