The OM∞ building is one of the most efficient projects in which we have participated, producing a total of 2,000 tons of steel for the metal structure of which it is composed. It is a nine-story office complex promoted by Torre Rioja-Madrid Socimi, S.A., in which diaphanous spaces are combined with great natural light.


It is the largest business complex under construction in Madrid, and the only one in the West to obtain LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum pre-certifications, highly recognized for their reputation, guaranteeing maximum sustainability and comfort.


It has a total of 39,000 square meters above ground level, with floors that reach 10,000 square meters with some features such as Human to Human spaces, restaurant areas, gyms or co-working spaces.

As one of the most sustainable buildings on the planet, it has been designed to minimize the environmental impact caused by the business activities of the organizations that integrate these spaces. They have given the importance it deserves to natural light, ensuring that 90% of the spaces will have it. In addition, they have also controlled air pollution and the amount of water filtered to optimize the sustainability of the project to its maximum.


As a collaborative and environmentally responsible company, we, at Industrias Metálicas Anro, are very grateful for this great opportunity that heralds the change.