Half of the assembly of the structure will be done in sixty hours, in order not to stop the railway traffic affected

The company tomellosera Industrias Metálicas Anro, founded in this town more than half a century ago, is currently building the great metal structure of a bridge, 150 meters long and more than 25 wide, which will form part of a new motorway in the southwest Of Ireland, called M 11, built by BAM, a large Irish engineering and construction company and the Spanish company Dragados, near the town of Enniscorthy in County Wexford.

This new bridge will save a local road, the train track and the Slaney River and its metallic structure, which builds Anro in Tomelloso, will be formed by armed beams of full soul, of 2 meters of edge, and concrete board, with A total weight of 950 tons.

One of the complexities of this new project of the company of Tomelloso is that it is necessary to transport from this town Ciudadela until its destination in Ireland the 40 beams necessary, of about 30 meters of length each one, in special vehicles until the Spanish port of exit To their destination and once in Ireland, to drive them, through the towns and highways of the area, and in special vehicles, to the town of Enniscorthy, all of which requires a careful study of the routes.

Once arrived at the site of the work, the operators of Anro displaced to her, will screw in the ground the great beams and with cranes of great tonnage they will hoist to its site, all this in an operation that is expected to last about two months.

Another complication of this assembly operation will be that the rail traffic has to be stopped, with a maximum of 60 hours allowed by the Irish authorities, so that in this short time it will be necessary to leave about half the bridge, Say, about 75 meters of its metal structure, to be able to reestablish the railway service in the area.

Other Bridges

The company Anro has extensive experience in the construction of large bridges with metal structures, both in Spain and in other countries and so, in recent years, the company Tomelloso has participated in the construction of a bridge of 700 meters in Alcoy Alicante) and others in Córdoba, Cantabria, Navarre, Vigo (Pontevedra) and outside Spain in Panama, where he built two bridges for an important mining project.