ANRO has already installed in the stadiums Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Vicente Calderón and Mestalla, the structures to hold the contracted aerial cameras for the customer LaLiga. These systems will be used with intent to obtain spectacular views of the sporting events to relay them to their spectators.

The aerial camera system requires 4 high points around the action zone. Below these lifting points are reels with reinforced rope reels. Each of the reels has a computer connected to control the motors that deploy the rope as needed. These strings are connected to pulleys placed in the towers and ending at a central point of the field, where the camera is with stabilization sensors to avoid sudden movements and tremors, a microphone and motors that handle some functions of the camera, which can Make full turns in all directions and have a total view of the action.

The complexity of the structure work lies in the locations of the motors and pulleys which, being always in the highest positions of the stadiums, require a careful assembly study to successfully perform the performances.