Anro will collaborate on a special project in the northernmost part of Europe. The project is located in Denmark and will consist of a freeway and railroad connection that will include an 18 km long submerged tunnel, allowing faster and safer travel between Scandinavia and continental Europe, Fehmarn Belt.


This tunnel will connect the island of Fehmarn in Germany with the Danish island of Lolland, allowing travel time to be minimized (it will take about ten minutes to cross the enclave by car) in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Unlike other submerged channels, where heavy machinery was used to drill directly into the abyssal floor, here the tunnel pieces will be prefabricated and embedded in the seabed by means of a series of movable steel and concrete transverse gates.

Render de enlace Fehmarnbelt
Visualization of the immersion and interconnection of tunnel elements.

As one of the Spanish companies participating in this project, Industrias Metálicas Anro will be in charge of producing the second gate of the dry dock where the concrete segments are manufactured. The gate, 110m long and 750ton, will be an essential element in the assembly of the tunnel components. It will include a movement and sealing system that allows the gate to be lifted and moved to any desired location. It is expected to be operational for 5 years.


As for the construction process, the tunnel will be divided into several sections that will be assembled one by one through a lifting and moving process. Each section will be 217 meters long, 9 meters high and 42 meters wide, so that some 19 million cubic meters of stone and sand are expected to be excavated from the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which will be used to gain ground on the Danish coast, where, at the same time, a new port is being built in Rødbyhavn.


All in all, the magnitude of this project presents us with new challenges to overcome that will enable the immediate evolution of our continent. However, we are confident that our team will be able to achieve the objectives set without any problems, as we have done on previous occasions.